Saturday, March 15, 2008

Rosa Mexicano, Atlanta

Went to Rosa for the first time yesterday. The guacamole prepared at the table side was great. But the good food ended there. Also, the guacamole was a bit overpriced at 12$. For the entrees we had peppers stuffed with goat cheese, mushrooms and spinach, and two soft tortillas stuffed with spinach and mushrooms. Both dishes were served in a bed of mexican tomato sauce. What really got to me was not that the food was mediocre (which it definitely was) but that we were paying a heck of a lot of money for it. The entrees were about 15$ each.

The spinach in both the dishes was too dense and under cooked. The stuffed peppers were too hot and not adequately compensated for by the flavors of the stuffing. The tomato sauce was the only redeeming factor. I pretty much dunked every morsel in the sauce.

The pomegranate margaritas were good, but really, when one goes to restaurants such as this one, you expect good food, not great cocktails.

Many of the smaller , less fancy mexican restaurants in Atlanta serve far better food, and more importantly purse friendly food.

Its possible that their meat based dishes are better, but then again an upscale restaurant cannot throw in vegetarian dishes into their menu purely as an after thought.

I would have considered going back there, if the prices were reasonable.

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