Sunday, August 17, 2008

pet peeves about indian cooking

.finely chopping garlic

.finely chopping tomatoes

.finely chopping onion

.seasoning with mustard-the tadka or thaalichi that ruins your stove top every single time.

.roasting and then grinding masala

.the odor, oh the odor (notice how I carefully avoid qualifying the odor)

.the hours it takes to get the grease off the pans

Come to think of it, this list isn't really unique to Indian cooking. One has to chop vegetables for pasta too you know. Except maybe the seasoning with the mustards.
To make that easier, you can now buy these little pans that come attached with gauzy lids that allow the splattering but only within the confines of the pan. Got to get me one of these soon.


Mallika said...

LOL. The finely chop thing used to p*ss me off until I bought a chopper. Life has been bliss ever since. The odor thing is a tough one. I like to think of it as aroma... after all no pain no gain.

kitchensurfing said...

A chopper...interesting...and its not a food processor?

Yeah, the odor thing really doesn't bother me, but I live in an apartment so it lingers for a while.

Thanks for stopping by?

bindu said...

add to your list -
three times more dishes to wash than when you cook other stuff - especially when you cook south indian food!

bee said...

eliminating onions eliminates a lot of the odours. shallots have more flavour and less odour. they are a pain to peel, though.

we cook a lot of food jain-style - no onions or garlic, 'cos we are plain lazy. and believe me, there are fewer odours.